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Cufflinks, those little decorative fasteners designed to hold a man’s cuff together are still very stylish and in fashion in our day. Used since the 16th century, cufflinks have been a man’s unique signature of his style and fashion. The following information discusses cufflinks before you go out and buy cufflinks online.

They way cufflinks are created they are only used with shirt cuffs that have buttonholes on both sides of the sleeve but no the buttons. The shirt cuff can be either single or double-length cuffs. The double-length cuffs are known as French cuffs. The cufflinks may be worn either kissing, that is with the ends pinched together or as barrel-style, where we have one end overlapping the other end. Kissing cuffs are usually the preferable design.

The visible part of a cufflink is normally a flat surface top that is formed in a variety of different shapes like square, round, oval shield, diamond and rectangle. This top surface can then be uniquely designed, decorated or monogrammed in some way. Logos from trust companies, schools, military forces, corporations, sports teams, auto manufacturers and more are often favorite designs for cufflinks. The usual cufflink colors used are silver and gold. But other materials or precious stones have been used to add other colors to choose from. Black onyx, white ivory, green jade, platinum, various shades of glass, fabric, wood, and even bone have been incorporated into cufflinks. Monogrammed cufflinks, engraved with a man’s personal initials distinguished with subtle beading or some other design along the edge are a usual favorite of many folks looking for that personalized gift.

Buy Cufflinks

When you go to buy cuff links look for ones that match the suit you plan to wear. You should understand that the simple cuff links are more flexible in both formal and informal occasions. You can usually wear them in a black-tie event, a meeting, a job interview, and even on a date! Always coordinate your cuff links with your other accessories, including your watch, wedding band, and tie. If you are unsure of how to put these things together keep in mind to go like-for-like. gold goes best with gold and silver with silver. Follow that simple rule and you will look polished and stylish.

One of the best things about shopping for cufflinks online is that you have a good number of excellent online stores at your fingertips and you can look through them very quickly once you know what you are looking for. Use this to your advantage and shop around online! You have a great opportunity to check the prices and find the best price for your cufflinks. Even if you begin your cufflink search in a store in your town, you can still make sure the prices you see are competitive by checking the online stores.

You can make an elegant fashion statement about who you are as an individual with a set of beautiful and glamorous cufflinks.