Go Green With EasySignoff And Have Documents Signed Digitally With This New App

Saving the environment and recycling is always a topic at the forefront of society, so when an application offers a way for businesses to cut down on waste, this is something that needs to be used. EasySignoff can do just that by allowing the creation of documents for signing online.

With many companies and business still very much paper-based and getting documents hand-signed this greener option should be welcomed with open arms. The application does an excellent job of displaying the document that requires a signature and using the touch screen functionality saves a high-resolution hand-drawn the signature.

To use the application requires the purchase of the application on your device for just $2, you then need to complete a free registration at where you will receive an organization ID and username. Linking your app to the details is simple and easy and gives you fast access to all the documents you produce.

Using the website as your document management system you can create up to 10 documents on the free account. An unlimited account or additional amounts can be purchased via the website if required. The documents you can produce for signing allow 1000 characters for you to describe the service. When created the document can be easily accessed from the app and display with a professional-looking signature section.

This application really does look professional and will save a lot of paper-based documents being created. You can view and edit documents at any time via the EasySignoff website and can also view all digital signatures via the website too.

Thrane Apps are the creators of this unique tool for the iPad and Android tablets and also realize its future potential by offering an API to developers. The API will give software developers the ability to integrate the tool with their own data and customize its use.

This excellent application is ideal for any business, no matter what the size. At just $2 it is far cheaper than rival devices and can be used with more common devices i.e the iPad and Android tablets. So make your business greener and more professional today with EasySignoff. Download the app now with the links below.